Seven years ago, I left the dry warmth of Los Angeles and moved to the misty Pacific Northwest. People often ask me why, and my answer is always the same: I came for Evergreen.
From the moment I first set foot on to this campus, warmth and welcome were extended to me. Students greeted me with smiles and questions, and parents were eager to share why they thought Evergreen was the best choice for their children. As if that weren't enough, faculty and staff happily talked about why they stayed at the school and continued to enjoy their students and colleagues year after year. 

At Evergreen, rainy days are made for jumping in and out of puddles, sunny days are for lunch outdoors with friends, homework is for exploration and discovery, sports are for everyone to play, and risk-taking and sometimes getting it wrong are important parts of the learning experience. And finally, no matter where they go after they leave us, our students are engaged and enthusiastic learners. 

Just like our 8th graders do each year, I will take some of Evergreen with me when I, too, move on at the end of this school year. And I know Evergreen will be in capable hands under the leadership of our current head of Upper Division and future head of school Halsey Bell. Learn more about Evergreen's leadership transition.

This school is a place for families to find community. As I welcome our students to school each morning, I realize that I am as happy to see their parents as I am to see them. One of the most important things we have at Evergreen is the partnership between parents/guardians and the school. Our parents attend many classroom presentations, accompany our students on overnight trips, and engage in earnest conversations about how best to support their children.

Evergreen is a magical place for highly capable students, and I welcome you to take a closer look at who we are.  

Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau
Head of School