The Endowment: Investing in Tomorrow

Independent schools rely on philanthropic support to fund everyday operations, construct new facilities, and sustain excellence with a robust endowment. In 2017, the school closed a $20 million effort funding construction of new spaces and growth of our endowment.
Endowment funds are often likened to a savings account. Unlike annual gifts, endowment contributions are never spent. Instead, they are invested, and the return supports the school in perpetuity. Each year, the school distributes up to 4% of total net assets to support a number of needs, including financial aid, faculty professional development, and new programs.
As an endowment donor, you have a unique opportunity to watch your gifts inspire, encourage and create excellence today, with the assurance that your investment will touch countless lives for generations to come. 

Endowment FAQ

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Do other independent schools have endowment funds?

    Yes, independent schools across the country have robust endowment funds that strengthen the school’s academic foundation. Nationally, independent schools have an average endowment fund of over $18.3 million. In the West, endowment funds average $8.7 million.
  • What impact will the endowment have on my child?

    The Financial Aid Endowment ensures your child’s classmates reflect the socio-economic diversity of the city in which we live. The Professional Development Endowment ensures your child’s teachers are inspired by their own learning opportunities and bring fresh ideas to the classroom. The General Endowment ensures the school has funds to support an array of new initiatives, including the new math program launched in September 2016.
    However, perhaps the largest benefit is not felt by your children, but instead by the next generation of students. Alumni families who came before us built our campus as our students enjoy it today— the Theater, the Gym, primary classrooms— and launched the school’s endowment. It is now your turn to look forward and give back. We are grateful that so many are leaving Evergreen a better place for those children who follow.
  • Why is Evergreen growing The Endowment now?

    The school is now over fifty years old and it is a time to reflect and plan for the future. The strongest schools provide an exemplary program today while also preparing to meet the school’s needs many years down the road. Our community is asked now to do the same – support the school with annual gifts and also provide resources for our long— term needs with growth of The Endowment.
  • How is the endowment fund invested?

    The fund is invested for long-term growth and managed by the school’s Investment Committee, which is made up of both current and alumni parents. The committee meets quarterly to review allocations and invest in a prudent mix of US equity, international equity and alternative funds, as well as US and international bonds.
  • Is The Endowment one fund or a family of funds?

    When we refer to “The Endowment” we are speaking about a group of funds. Endowment gifts restrict the school from using the funds for any purpose other than that which is specified. The campaign is raising funds to support three endowment funds:
    • General Endowment: These funds are unrestricted in use and give the school maximum flexibility to meet a range of future needs. Each year, the Board of Trustees determines how the distribution will be used to leverage new opportunities.
    • Financial Aid Endowment: Established in 1997, this fund honors and expands the school’s commitment to socio-economic diversity. Each year, the school awards $1 million in financial aid supporting 15% of our community. But it is not enough. This fund ensures all families in need receive support.
    • Professional Development Endowment: Our smallest fund, this was created as a commitment to continued growth and evolution in education. Funds ensure teachers are continually learning new and innovative ways to engage and inspire students.

Endowment Funds

List of 5 items.

  • Financial Aid

    This fund honors the school’s commitment to socio-economic diversity and will solidify and expand support for families of diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Professional Development

    This fund was created as part of our commitment to continued growth and evolution in education. Funds will ensure the school attracts and retains the best teachers by offering competitive compensation and provide opportunities for teachers to continually learn innovative ways to engage students.
  • Program Enhancement

    This fund supports existing distinguished programs such as the Global Field Study and our Environmental program; and at the same time, helps fund the creation of innovative new curriculum.
  • Campus Stewardship

    This fund helps to maintain and enhance our current campus facilities over the long term to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.
  • Unrestricted

    This fund allows the school to leverage new opportunities to evolve and enhance our programs. These funds are unrestricted in use and give the school maximum flexibility to meet a range of future needs.

Named Endowments

New named endowment funds may be established with a gift of $100,000 or more. Thanks to our generous contributors, the following endowments have been created and are providing additional revenue to the school each and every school year. Thank you!

Financial Aid:
The Kim-An Lieberman Memorial Fund 
The Margaret Wagner Endowed Scholarship 

Professional Development:
The Ola Pearl Good Fund 

Program Enhancement: 
The Fund for the Advancement of the Sciences 
The Maurer-Schulman Global Studies Fund
The Fund for Environmental Sustainability

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