• May

    Our 8th Graders Are Off to Peru!

    At Evergreen, our Global Studies Program is part of the curriculum from preschool on. Over their years here, students learn about different skin colors, about differently abled people, about identity and gender diversity, and so much more.
    Finally, in 8th grade comes the capstone experience: After learning about the destination country throughout the school year, the entire 8th grade spends the month of May in one country, 

    This year, it's Peru. Students have studied the history, culture, and economic and political situation of Peru all year. They even added an early-morning language class to their schedules, so that those who hadn't previously studied Spanish can be prepared to interact with people they meet. By the time they leave Seattle, the 8th graders have a lot of information about Peru.

    But what students learn over the course of their stay adds up to so much more.

    Click READ MORE to learn about Evergreen's unique global studies experience, in the words of longtime teacher and trip leader Robert Lee-Engeland to see more pictures!

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  • April

    Earth Day Assembly, Featuring Falcons!

    What a fantastic Earth Day assembly today!
    Like all of our all-school assemblies, this one was student-led and organized, with some help from key adults. But unlike others, all of our students played a part today, beyond being audience members. And also unlike previous assemblies, this one was held outdoors, in the courtyard! What a treat to celebrate Earth Day at Evergreen.
    Learning About Endangered Species
    Endangered animals were the theme of today's assembly, and also the focus of a recent Buddy Day—monthly occasions when students get together with their assigned buddy classes and work on an activity.

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  • Professional Development in the Makerspace!

    Lindsey Own, Evergreen's BIG Lab coordinator, is offering a professional development workshop for teachers in June this year. Check it out to see all the details, and please share with educators!

    Level Up: Grow Your Makerspace Skills,
    for K-12 Educators
    June 19-21, 2019
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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  • It's Science Symposium Time for Upper Division!

    Our entire Upper Division4th through 8th gradeshave been working hard on science projects, and today is the day they present their experiments and results! Fourth and 5th grades had the opportunity to present to younger students during the day today, and 5th through 8th grade will present tonight to families and each other. 
    Here are just a few of the fascinating projects pursued by 4th and 5th graders:
    * How do different types of soap affect Kool-Aid-dyed hair?
    * Donut Time: Testing different age groups for the ability to delay gratification
    * Do people run faster or slower when listening to different kinds of music?

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  • March

    Welcome to the Evergreen Museum of Natural History

    Today, after several weeks of research and design work, the 7th graders hosted a museum filled with interactive exhibits on paleontology, natural history and evolution. Fourth grade visitors to the museum had the opportunity to explore questions like:

    • How did flight evolve?
    • Why and how did mammals evolve back to an aquatic lifestyle (i.e., whale evolution)?
    • How do scientists know what color dinosaurs were?
    • Why/how did some organisms survive the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, while others perished? 
    • What are trace fossils, and what can they teach us about extinct organisms' lifestyles and behavior?  
    This is the fourth year that 7th grade science teacher Kiki Contreras has included the museum as a project for her students. It's a wonderful synthesis of their scientific work together with design projects in the BIG Lab. 

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  • February

    "Whirled" Records

    Every year, one of Evergreen's 2nd grade classes presents an extensive showcase around a single theme. This year, the class chose Records World (Whirled)and they've spent weeks learning about records of all kinds: vinyl records, world records, setting records, keeping informational records, and more! They also considered the shape of records, decorating in a "round" theme and offering visitors a selection of flat, round treats, like pancakes and potato chips. 

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  • Making Global Connections: 5th Graders Discuss Literature with Students in Zimbabwe

    Last week, Evergreen 5th graders compared notes on poetry with another 5th grade class—in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Previously, our 5th graders had read and discussed Maya Angelou's poem "Caged Bird," as did the 5th graders at Bishopslea Preparatory School for Girls in Zimbabwe's capital. Then this morning, over Skype, the two groups shared their impressions in real time, facilitated through The Globe Reads.

    The poem's themes of freedom and oppression made for rich discussion, and the groups shared anecdotes of life in their respective countries.
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  • January

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly

    "Together, WE are the change."
    Presented by Evergreen's middle school SOCA club—Students of Color and Allies—this year's all-school assembly for Martin Luther King Jr. Day offered a message of action. What can we do—large and small—to advance civil rights and address injustice?
    Early in the assembly, a skit featured students meeting some of their heroes: Gandhi, Malala and Martin Luther King, Jr. himself—leaders of global human rights movements, past and present. But the skit featured a more accessible role model too: Evergreen teacher (and one of the SOCA club advisors), Ms. Mayne.
    In the end, the message was clear. We can make change now, starting right where we are: in our schools, in our communities, in our homes. We are surrounded by inspiration and ideas.
    The assembly also included music, of course . . . 
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  • Seventh Grader Wins Evergreen GeoBee

    From the Appalachian Mountains and U.S. state capitals to rivers in Asia and climate in Antarctica, Upper Division students tested their geography knowledge today! 
    The winners of 15 individual classroom mini-bees gathered onstage for Evergreen's round of the 31st Annual National Geographic GeoBee, culminating in a final competition between the last two contestants remaining. The student audience kept busy working on the questions themselves while cheering on fellow students for a job well done, as the field narrowed. 
    Congratulations to GeoBee winner Lea R. (7th), and also to runner-up Stellan M. (8th)! Lea will take a qualifying test to determine if she advances to the statewide competition later this year. 
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