Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly

"Together, WE are the change."
Presented by Evergreen's middle school SOCA club—Students of Color and Allies—this year's all-school assembly for Martin Luther King Jr. Day offered a message of action. What can we do—large and small—to advance civil rights and address injustice?
Early in the assembly, a skit featured students meeting some of their heroes: Gandhi, Malala and Martin Luther King, Jr. himself—leaders of global human rights movements, past and present. But the skit featured a more accessible role model too: Evergreen teacher (and one of the SOCA club advisors), Ms. Mayne.
In the end, the message was clear. We can make change now, starting right where we are: in our schools, in our communities, in our homes. We are surrounded by inspiration and ideas.
The assembly also included music, of course . . . 
the civil rights-era "Woke Up This Morning" performed by 3rd grade, vocal accompaniments during the skit, and a singalong "If I Had a Hammer," with guitar and ukulele by our very own teachers! Our new A/V Student Support club took care of video, lighting and sound throughout. 
Another highlight was a video put together by SOCA, featuring students and faculty offering their own personal dreams. 

"I have a dream that ..."
-everyone will know what it's like to have a home
-people will travel and get to know others of different cultures
-politicians will stop fighting and the shutdown will end
-peace and love will prevail
and many more. 

Near the end, actor and teaching artist Dedra Woods offered a heartfelt talk about what this day means to her, and how we can all do small things, right now, to make our world a more just place. And one day, these students may be leaders in their own right, leaders creating the kind of world we dream about today.