Veterans Day Assembly at Evergreen

From music and theater to a Q&A with a panel of veterans on stage, what a wonderful Veterans Day assembly we had today, under the leadership of Student Council!
Led by the primary division choir, the morning started off with energetic all-school singing—the very catchy Evergreen School song, followed by the national anthem and My Country 'Tis of Thee—and then featured a play about WWII-era women pilots, performed by the 4th and 5th graders. The assembly finished up with a highlight: a thought-provoking panel of seven veterans—younger and older, female and male, from all different branches of the armed services.

The 4th and 5th grade play centered on the too-little-known history of the WASP: Women Airforce Service Pilots. 
During WWII, over 1,000 women pilots joined the WASP and flew military aircraft for many purposes related to the war effort, although they were not allowed in combat and were officially civilians, not military. In 1977, they were finally granted veteran status.
Veterans Panel Q&A
From "Why did you enlist?" and "Did you make friends?" to "What did you eat when you were serving?" the diverse panel of veterans thoughtfully answered a range of questions from our students. For a final note, they offered their own take on Veterans Day, leaving the audience with plenty of inspiration and ideas to consider.
One female marine reminded us that Veterans Day is very much about those who did not come back. Another offered a special message to young women in the audience: You, too, can do this; you can do whatever you want.

And if you think something feels impossible—wait until you see how it feels to accomplish it!