Enhancing Social and Emotional Learning at Evergreen: Working with IFSEL

We are excited to have kicked off a year-long partnership with IFSEL, the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning. Social and emotional learning has long been a cornerstone of our practiceand an often-cited reason families choose Evergreen. This year, we are making an intentional choice to increase awareness and depth of understanding throughout our community. 
Last week, all faculty and staff participated together in the first of several virtual professional development trainings led by IFSELand coming up, parents will have educational  opportunities too!

Everyone from teachers who have worked at Evergreen for years to a new TA who had just started the day before (welcome, Carly!) had the chance to set aside the routines of work and the stresses of the pandemic, and foster connection and community. With thoughtful group exercises as well as the opportunity to connect in pairs, colleagues who may have seldom chatted got to know each other a bit more. 
Faculty and staff have a professional development workshop to look forward to next week before Thanksgiving Break, and two more over the course of the year. And later this winter, and again in the spring, our parent/guardian community will also have the opportunity for workshop evenings with IFSEL.  
As one of the workshop leaders mentioned, the way to think about social and emotional learning is not as "a book on a shelf"—not just one method, or one tool out of many. Instead, it is a way of thinking and being, integrated through everything we do, in every subject and classroom. 
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