Sixth Graders Recognized for Service Project

Back in September, 6th graders kickstarted the year with four days at YMCA Camp Seymour. Recently, they received a lovely letter thanking them for their service project contribution while they were there. 

As part of their camp activities, students worked in the garden to help make pathways accessible for campers of different mobility levels, including those who use wheelchairs. Students regraded, trenched, lined, and put gravel along the garden beds, paving the way for everyone to enjoy the space! 

Becca Gjertson, the camp's director of outdoor and environmental education, wrote:

"You worked really hard to make those paths a weed-free, all-mobilities-friendly environment that we completed and looks AMAZING! Thank you so much for the time, hard work and positive attitude you put into making that space the best growing, learning and teaching environment it can be. We appreciate you and will appreciate your hard work for years!

    • Before and after photos

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