Last Days of School!

It's been a busy week, with our annual Alumni BBQ on Monday, all-school Buddy Field Day and then graduation in the evening on Tuesday, and finally, the last day of the year on Wednesday, marked by the Moving Up Ceremony!

At this final all-school assembly, after a fantastic video yearbook (thanks to the yearbook class!), student council presenters announced, "Okay, 7th graders . . . you are now 8th graders!" Rousing cheers ensued. And so it continued, down to the very youngest students: preschoolers are now prekindergarten!

Each year at 8th grade graduation, an Evergreen alum returns and addresses the graduates. This year's speaker, Olivia Deligan (Evergreen '15), just graduated from
Holy Names Academy and will be attending Pomona College in the fall. As she started to find her footing in high school, Olivia told the assembled students, "I began to realize just how well equipped I was to handle all of these changes and challenges. The values and lessons I learned at Evergreen were critical to my success in high school, and I'm sure will be in college."

We wish our 8th graders the very best as they head out to high school and the wider world, and a wonderful summer to all!