Welcome to the Evergreen Museum of Natural History

Today, after several weeks of research and design work, the 7th graders hosted a museum filled with interactive exhibits on paleontology, natural history and evolution. Fourth grade visitors to the museum had the opportunity to explore questions like:

  • How did flight evolve?
  • Why and how did mammals evolve back to an aquatic lifestyle (i.e., whale evolution)?
  • How do scientists know what color dinosaurs were?
  • Why/how did some organisms survive the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, while others perished? 
  • What are trace fossils, and what can they teach us about extinct organisms' lifestyles and behavior?  
This is the fourth year that 7th grade science teacher Kiki Contreras has included the museum as a project for her students. It's a wonderful synthesis of their scientific work together with design projects in the BIG Lab. 

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