The Evergreen School is committed to accessibility and environmental stewardship. As a leader in environmental sustainability and with families from over 40 ZIP codes attending Evergreen, we strive to be a good neighbor by minimizing traffic on Meridian Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhood. 

We encourage carpooling and help make this an easy option by facilitating matching nearby families. We also offer two different bus options:
1) private Evergreen mornings-only bus service (grades K-8), and
2) custom King County Metro bus service for students in the Upper Division (grades 4-8).

Bicycling and walking are other environmentally friendly alternatives for some of our families.

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  • Carpooling

    Evergreen encourages families to carpool, especially those with students in preschool through 3rd grade who are not yet old enough to use our King County Metro Custom Bus Service

    Carpooling helps children make friends with other Evergreen students and allows parents to cut down on trips to school. It also helps relieve the traffic congestion in the school drive through and benefits our environment. We encourage families to create their own carpools, and we help by connecting them with other Evergreen families in the same neighborhood or along the route to school.  
  • Private Evergreen Morning Bus Service

    Evergreen has offered private, mornings-only service using small (14-person) buses for several years, serving routes on the east and west sides of Seattle.  

    Going forward, we will consider expanding private Evergreen bus service to full-size (40-person) buses as demand increases.
  • Custom Metro Bus Service

    Metro Custom Bus Program

    In partnership with University Prep and Lakeside School, The Evergreen School contracts with King County Metro to provide specially designed custom bus routes for our students. At Evergreen, we offer this option to upper division students in grades 4 and above.

    Bus Routes
    The custom routes are commuter-style, which means they run on major arterials with occasional stops, thereby serving the greatest number of families in the shortest amount of time. This means families generally drive or carpool to the bus stops.

    Buses run both morning and afternoon. In addition, in 2018-2019, we are offering a new early evening route every day for students who stay for after-school sports or activities. 

    Families who elect to use the bus pay a set fee and have the choice of signing up for either a full or half-year pass. Financial aid is available to families who apply and demonstrate a need. 

    Custom ORCA Passes
    Students in the custom bus program receive an unlimited ORCA pass, which may be used on the custom bus and anywhere else ORCA is accepted—including Metro, Sound Transit, or Community Transit—any day of the week.

    • Full school year passes are active from the time students receive them in August through June 10 of the following year.
    • Fall passes are active from the time students receive them in August through January 30.*
    • Spring passes are active from January 1 through June 10. Passes will be sent to families in mid-December.
    *Families with an Evergreen ORCA pass may also use it during the summer at no additional cost, if they have already renewed the service for the full following year.
    What are the buses like to ride? 
    The custom buses are regular King County Metro buses that are designed to meet the needs of commuters, including students. While the routes that serve Lakeside, University Prep and The Evergreen School are used primarily by our students, faculty and staff, they are available to anyone. Non-students looking for transportation along these routes can freely find them on Metro’s website and use these buses as long as they have an ORCA pass and pay the custom fare, although this does not happen often. As with all Metro buses, occasions may arise where students would need to stand.

    Buses run on major arterials, and timetables are constructed to take traffic into account. However, it is important to remember that traffic and weather occasionally lead to buses running late. 

    Bus Tracking Apps
    Metro Tracker: Real-time bus information and route maps.  
    One Bus Away App: This popular, independent app provides real-time bus arrival information.

    Please take a look at the bus schedules on this page to see if our system serves your neighborhood. If you have any questions about transportation options to Evergreen, please contact the Office of Admission.
  • Bicycling and Walking

    The Seattle Schools Walk.Bike.Schools program has helpful tips for getting to school in Seattle, or take a look at our recommendations for bicycling to/from Evergreen. Most important when choosing this option is ensuring that students travel safely.

Bus Route Schedules

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