They're becoming the experts, and we're just opening the doors.
~Evergreen teacher


Advisor, or homeroom, is a student's home base at Evergreen. In kindergarten through 3rd grade, students spend most of their time in their advisor class, moving to specialists for certain subjects: art, music, world language, the BIG Lab and more.

But even in middle school, advisor is so much more than a place to take attendance. Middle school students work on a number of key subjects with this close-knit group, including social-emotional learning and executive function skills. Conflict resolution, leadership and group collaboration skills, organization and planning, emotional regulation and flexibility, and more falls under the realm of the advisor curriculum. 

Meet Our Advisor Teams

Preschool and Prekindergarten

Kathleen Hill, Prekindergarten
at Evergreen since 1996
Kathleen's kids attended Evergreen, and now they work here as young adults. Kathleen also coaches cross country, and she enjoys visiting a kangaroo farm each year with her class.

Sarah Madill, Prekindergarten

at Evergreen since 2013
Prior to working at Evergreen, Sarah was a beach naturalist through the Seattle Aquarium, and she also co-founded and ran an adult and tot class called GEM Preschool. Sarah has two children who attend Evergreen.

Joy Cutler, Preschool
at Evergreen since 2017
Joy is a true local; even her maternal grandparents are from Seattle. She loves to bake and collect recipes, and she reads Go To Sleep, Gecko every year to her preschoolers for its great life lesson: "The world is all connected. Some things you just have to put up with."


Alyssa Barr

at Evergreen since 2016
Alyssa loves to spend her time dog walking, eating delectable cuisine, and snuggling in for a good read.

Signe Grunau Hill
at Evergreen since 2017
Signe loves to do yoga, sew and bake. She has a young daughter and spends as much time outside as possible, especially gardening and hiking. 

Piper Foster 

at Evergreen since 2017
Piper taught at an international school in South Korea for four years prior to coming to Evergreen. She is passionate about teaching social-emotional learning, and she loves to travel and eat her way around the world.

First Grade

Suzy Joor
at Evergreen since 2005
Suzy enjoys occasional international trips to places with rich ecosystems and interesting animals; Peru, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Nepal have been favorites. She enjoys learning about other cultures, and camping, biking and sometimes bike-camping are favorite summer activites.

Margaret Bradford

at Evergreen since 2002
Margaret is co-leader of Evergreen's middle school gender and sexuality diversity club (SAGA). She loves to visit national parks with her teenager, and she loves ethnomusicology: music from all different time periods, all over the world.

Steffanie O'Brien
at Evergreen since 2017
Steffanie enjoys handlettering and making cards as a hobby, and she's also always on the hunt for new restaurants and loves to try new dishes. Steffanie and her husband try to get out of the city as much as possible with their two dogsWhidbey Island is a favorite destination! 

Second Grade

Suzanne J.
at Evergreen since 1991
Suzanne co-coaches our 4th grade Math Team. She enjoys science, math, reading, writing, social studies, art, music, hiking, animals, sports, and simple circuits.

Sandra Martin
at Evergreen since 2005
Sandra is a professional illustrator with 14 published picture books. She lives on Whidbey Island on a small farm that includes a Shetland Pony, a mini goat and a flock of Wheaten Moran chickens. They lay the really dark eggs. 

Nimisha Joshi
at Evergreen since 2018
Nimisha has taught students from kindergarten through 7th grade at various international schools and independent schools. She speaks five different languages and dreams of traveling around the world to learn about different cultures. She is a certified Bollywood dance instructor and also enjoys occasional trail running.

Third Grade

Renate Grant

at Evergreen since 1993
Renate was born and raised in the wonderful Black Forest in Germany. She moved to the Northwest in 1992 and loves to be outdoors. She has a passion for knitting, loves reading her favorite author Jane Austen, and listens to many operas. Renate loves to hike and enjoys seeing so many alumni coming back to Evergreen as parents.

Martine F. Wagoner
at Evergreen since 2008
Ms. Wagoner was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and spent 12 years living in Liberia, West Africa as the daughter of a U.N. diplomat. She loves to capture and develop digital images and to cook and serve savory, spicy meals.

Sandra Brown-Potter
at Evergreen since 2011
Ms. B-P loves teaching 3rd grade, which she considers the "sweet spot" of elementary school. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking and kayaking especially. She had a prior career in the technology arena before becoming a teacher later in life. 

Fourth Grade

Megan Logan

at Evergreen since 2015
Megan taught in London after graduating from college. She loves to water ski. Her first job was as a skiing instructor's assistant when she was 13.    

James Conover
at Evergreen since 2008
James is an Evergreen alum who graduated in 1990. Now the parent of two Evergreen students, he loves using humor and telling stories to help students understand concepts. 
Christy Parry
at Evergreen since 2016
Christy worked as a biologist before becoming a teacher. She enjoys hiking, skiing, gardening and travel.   

Fifth Grade

Melaney Mayne
at Evergreen since 2014
Miss Mayne enjoys traveling, backpacking, and all things Disney!

Michelle Breaux
at Evergreen since 2008
Michelle taught in England for three years and has worked in a Waldorf School for children with special needs. She enjoys studying salmon and designing improvements to preserve salmon habitat.

Lina Rose
at Evergreen since 2005
Mrs. Rose loves reading Call of the Wild to her students each year and seeing them inch closer and closer to her as the excitment builds. She loves watching students interact with our "mentor" baby and hearing how they stayed up too late watching the hatching chick cam. 

Sixth Grade

Jimmy Chu
at Evergreen since 2009
Jimmy plays and coaches ultimate, enjoys board games, and is also a spray paint artist-in-training.

Allie Okner
at Evergreen since 2010
Allie has backpacked through over 20 different countries. She loves musicals and sang in the female a cappella group in college, and if she weren't a teacher, she would be a professional organizer.

Santosh Zachariah
at Evergreen since 2011
Santosh once camped for a week by a glacier in the Himalayas at 12,000 feet. He researched socket shapes for artificial legs, and he was two years senior to Satya Nadella in high school. (If only he had made friends with him then!)

Seventh Grade

Leah Winters
at Evergreen since 2007
Leah has degrees in visual arts and art education; her favorite class to teach is Designing Space to middle school art students. She loves to travel to warm climates with her husband and two small sons, and she enjoys incorporating mindfulness and stress-reducing techniques like zen-doodling into her classroom. 

Rod Huston
at Evergreen since 2013
Rod coaches upper division cross country, coached baseball for nine years, and taught in Los Angeles for ten years. 

Kiki Contreras
at Evergreen since 2013
Kiki has fly-fished since she was eight years old, and she teaches summer fly-fishing camps for middle schoolers. She helped excavate a T. rex in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana, which is now on display at the Burke Museum. In her spare time, she loves to cook and collect vinyl records.

Eighth Grade

Robert Lee-Engel
at Evergreen since 1987
Robert loves to go on long walks and he loves Excel spreadsheets. He has spent over six years travelling abroad, mostly in Asia; his favorite country to visit is India.

Denise Eggleston
at Evergreen since 2017
Denise lives on a sailboat with her husband and cat. She enjoys hiking, sailing, and practicing yoga, and she became a language arts teacher because she loves helping students find their voice.

Janice Rapp

at Evergreen since 1988
Janice teaches yoga to teenagers in juvenile detention through Yoga Behind Bars and is passionate about social-emotional learning and mindfulness. She was a Fulbright scholar to China and taught at Hefei University of Technology. As co-advisor, Janice thinks it's great to see the Middle School Service Club on fire to help in our community.