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Our Parents

A Community Effort

As a parent/guardian at Evergreen, you are automatically a member of the PGA: the Parent/Guardian Association. By actively participating in school life, you not only fuel our volunteer committees, classrooms, and board, but you also provide an inspiring example for our students. 
The Evergreen School Parent/Guardian Association works to foster a welcoming, positive and supportive community for Evergreen families, faculty and staff by organizing and promoting activities and events that encourage an informed, connected and vibrant community.  

Getting Involved

Whether you help out at one-time events during the year, or have some time each week to contribute, your support is deeply appreciated! PGA volunteers are behind many of Evergreen's signature events, including the Fall Harvest Party, Staff Appreciation Days, all-ages community service activities and many more. Another way to get involved is by serving as a classroom representativea liaison between parents/guardians and the PGA leadership team. This is also a great way to get to know the families in your child's class.
Joining the PGA leadership team is also a wonderful contribution to the Evergreen community. The leadership team comprises several vice presidents in charge of a tracksuch as Events, Community Service or DEIor as president or co-president. 

Activities and Events

The PGA organizes and promotes a variety of activities and events that encourage a vibrant, informed and connected community. There's something for everyone!
All School Events
  • Fall Harvest Party
  • Back-to-School Potlucks
  • Family Skate Night
  • "Evergreen Reads" Book Club
  • Staff Appreciation Days
  • Evergreen Goes to the Movies
  • Community Service Activities — preparing meals for a family shelter, removing non-native plants at a park, and many more
  • Evergreen Day at the Mariners or Sounders
PGA Reps and Class Gatherings  
Each classroom's PGA rep coordinates social activities just for that class and acts as a liaison to the broader PGA organization, answering questions and sharing information. Each class usually has one or two potluck gatherings over the course of the year, and in 2020, PGA reps have gotten creative with all sorts of fun virtual gatherings, such as trivia nights.

PGA Community Service Committee

The PGA Community Service Committee's mission is to organize meaningful opportunities for our families to work together and make a positive impact by addressing a community need through a service project. Participating in community service projects is an excellent way for children and their parents/guardians to gain an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, one of the core values of The Evergreen School.

Each year this committee gathers service project ideas from the Evergreen community and then organizes several projects for the school, both in the greater Seattle area and on campus. In recent years, we've cooked and served food at Mary's Place, worked to remove non-native plants at Twin Ponds Park, made hundreds of cards for seniors through virtual postcard parties, and more. 

DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In 2020, the PGA added two co-vice presidents for DEI to the leadership team. Together with Evergreen's director of diversity, they will collaborate on speaker evenings and activities to ensure DEI is a part of everything the PGA does. As they wrote in their introductory letter to the community:
 Diverse communities foster diverse thinking; diverse thinking leads to progress. The broad domains of diversity that exist within the Evergreen community are what make it a special place.  … [W]e must realize that each and every one of us within the Evergreen community has a responsibility. To achieve a more inclusive and equitable community, we must understand and commit to actively oppose racism.

Affinity Groups

Evergreen is committed to diversity and inclusion as guiding principles. With the support of Director of Diversity Lakaya Renfrow, the goal of affinity groups is to foster connection and promote inclusion in our community. 
Affinity groups provide a gathering space for people who share an identity (e.g., race, gender, religion, country of origin, language, family status, etc.). Although everyone shares different life experiences, affinity group participants are able to reflect on their shared identity, how that identity affects the way in which they move through the world, and how it impacts their experiences within a community.
Currently, Evergreen offers three affinity groups:
  • Black Parents Resource Group
  • Families of Twice Exceptional (2E) Children Group
  • Single Parents Affinity Group
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