A life-building journey from preschool through 8th grade
The Evergreen curriculum is a collaboratively developed, continually updated, preschool through 8th grade journey specifically designed for highly capable students. 
What We Do

The Evergreen Curriculum

We carefully balance forward progress with enriching iteration, essential milestones with spontaneous digressions, and productive collaboration with independent work—creating a complete learning arc as profound as it is varied.
Central to our program—and our community’s shared philosophy—is the thorough integration of academics, social and emotional learning, and a proactive commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at every grade level. By design, growth in one area fuels growth in all, so that students understand themselves and the many communities they inhabit as well as their school subjects.
Each child offers an original perspective and makes unique contributions to the classroom. Because our teachers also recognize that students learn in many ways, they differentiate their instruction to make the most of each student’s strengths and passions. Setting goals, reflecting on successes and setbacks, and revising and improving on previous outcomes, students build genuine confidence in their own increasing capabilities.
We invite you to review our curriculum for each division to see how every grade, class, and lesson builds on what has come before—and prepares your child for what’s next.
Profound learning for the continuously curious

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