We appreciate the diverse range of learners in our community and recognize that the pathways to student success are as diverse as the students themselves.

Learning Resources at Evergreen

Evergreen’s Learning Resources program reflects our commitment to supporting students with a variety of exceptionalities as they develop independence and self-knowledge. Our team seeks to provide appropriate support at each stage of learning.

Primary Division Support (PS-3rd)

Learning Resources Coordinator Hannah Asher works closely with Primary Division classroom teachers, administration, counselors and external providers to:
  • track student academic progress
  • identify learning needs
  • provide observations and more targeted assessments
  • communicate progress
  • suggest strategies and interventions that can help support further student growth.
Hannah also connects families to external support professionals as needed, helping them to interpret educational evaluations and other assessments. Additionally, she engages in section-specific support across the Primary Division.

Upper Division Support (4th-8th)

Working with our Upper Division students, Janna Jeakins builds on the foundational skills acquired in the Primary Division to ensure continued academic success for students with identified learning needs.

Through small-group instruction as well as in-class teaming with teachers, Janna focuses on each student’s specific learning profile, teaching the strategies and skills necessary to find success within Evergreen’s rigorous Upper Division curriculum. Through ongoing communication with teachers, parents, school counselors and administration, she builds a team approach to support. Additionally, Janna assists with interpreting educational evaluations for use in customizing student support based on formal accommodations.

Learning Resource Coordinator Logan Hartley

    at Evergreen since 2012
Logan is an avid hiker and tennis enthusiast, and he also enjoys knitting, paper making, and fiber arts. He lived and taught in Japan for five years.


Learning Resource Teacher Janna Jeakins

    at Evergreen since 2015
Janna lived and taught in Europe for six years before coming to Evergreen. Skiing with her family is her favorite way to spend a day, and Montana is her happy place.