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  • Preparing for Global Studies Starts at Home

    Our 8th graders recently took an all-day field trip to Seattle Center and Pike Place Market. This trip is part of their year-long preparation for the capstone global studies trip experience, which will take place in Peru this year, during the entire month of May. In both Lima and Cusco in Peru, the students will devote several days to "SLIP:" Student-led Itinerary Programs

    On SLIP days, students plan the entire day's program, figuring out everything from what sites they'll visit and what activities they'll take part in, to all of the logistics of how they'll get there. Last week, they had a very successful SLIP day in Seattle, planning how to get to Seattle Center, where they visited the Gates Foundation, and to Pike Place Market. 

    Purposes of Seattle SLIP Day:
    * Learn essential travel skills like navigation, flexibility, compromise, and practice responsibility.
    * Prepare for their SLIP experiences in Peru, by beginning in a familiar place.
    * Collect pictures of iconic Seattle sights for letters to pen pals in Peru
    * Learn about the work of NGOs in preparation for our work with NGOs in Peru
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  • Green Schools Around the World!

    Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming a delegation of visiting teachers and principals from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. The Taiwanese group is affiliated with international Eco-Schools programs, and they came to see Evergreena Washington Green Schools platinum-certified schoolto learn about some of our "green" programs. Sustainability Coordinator Janet Charnley and 6th grade volunteers toured the group around campus, discussing initiatives from salmon study and energy efficiency to composting and more. 
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  • Executive Function 101

    What a treat to welcome Anita Watson LMHCP, MSCP last night for a parent/guardian education event, sponsored by our counselors and learning resources team. Watson, who also met with our faculty and staff before school started this year, is a dynamic, entertaining and down-to-earth presenter, and she offers everyday examples that are easy to relate to as the parent/guardian of a child. From regulating emotional response when someone else gets a turn first, to planning how to tackle a major project, right on up to negotiating the complex demands of adolescent life and beyond, executive function skills play a key role. 
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