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  • "Whirled" Records

    Every year, one of Evergreen's 2nd grade classes presents an extensive showcase around a single theme. This year, the class chose Records World (Whirled)and they've spent weeks learning about records of all kinds: vinyl records, world records, setting records, keeping informational records, and more! They also considered the shape of records, decorating in a "round" theme and offering visitors a selection of flat, round treats, like pancakes and potato chips. 

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  • Making Global Connections: 5th Graders Discuss Literature with Students in Zimbabwe

    Last week, Evergreen 5th graders compared notes on poetry with another 5th grade class—in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Previously, our 5th graders had read and discussed Maya Angelou's poem "Caged Bird," as did the 5th graders at Bishopslea Preparatory School for Girls in Zimbabwe's capital. Then this morning, over Skype, the two groups shared their impressions in real time, facilitated through The Globe Reads.

    The poem's themes of freedom and oppression made for rich discussion, and the groups shared anecdotes of life in their respective countries.
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  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly

    "Together, WE are the change."
    Presented by Evergreen's middle school SOCA club—Students of Color and Allies—this year's all-school assembly for Martin Luther King Jr. Day offered a message of action. What can we do—large and small—to advance civil rights and address injustice?
    Early in the assembly, a skit featured students meeting some of their heroes: Gandhi, Malala and Martin Luther King, Jr. himself—leaders of global human rights movements, past and present. But the skit featured a more accessible role model too: Evergreen teacher (and one of the SOCA club advisors), Ms. Mayne.
    In the end, the message was clear. We can make change now, starting right where we are: in our schools, in our communities, in our homes. We are surrounded by inspiration and ideas.
    The assembly also included music, of course . . . 
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