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Art Is Everywhere at Evergreen

The goal of the art program is to introduce discipline-based media and a hands-on, original, and creative problem-solving curriculum to the students so that they might learn craft, express themselves creatively, and understand how art can enrich and contribute to their everyday lives. Art and performance are integrated throughout the curriculum, and we have dedicated specialists in each discipline. We have two art studios, a music room, and a professional theater for performance and stagecraft.

Visual Arts

Primary Art (K-3)
The kindergarten through third grade art curriculum empowers students to express themselves while learning basic art concepts. They also begin to understand the world around them in relation to art and hone their fine motor skills and techniques. Overall, our art projects connect students to nature, science, math, history, music and other cultures. 
Intermediate Art (4-5)
The Intermediate visual arts program utilizes a wide variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, book arts and sculpture. Students explore and learn new techniques, as well as build on previously mastered skills. Focus is placed on creating a safe and supportive environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and expanding their horizons.


Primary Music (K-3)
The goal of music in the primary grades is for students to experience musical development through a positive, varied, hands-on approach. The curriculum generally encompasses many aspects of music education: singing and instrument playing, theory and ear training, Orff, Kodály, and Dalcroze techniques, composition, music history, listening, movement and performance. Students will be challenged through the curriculum to develop and strengthen skills at their own level.
Intermediate Music (4-5)
Grades 4 and 5 explore material from the world of musical theater by studying and rehearsing music, song, dance, and acting as they relate to storytelling for the stage. The culmination of the curriculum is a year-end musical theater extravaganza.

Middle Arts (6-8)

Our Middle Arts Program is designed to offer middle school students an introduction—and if desired, a deeper dive—into visual arts, theater, music and dance. Over the course of their middle school years, students take two classes in theater arts, two in visual arts, two in music, and one in dance & movement. Students select two classes per semester, and each meets once during the school week for 90 minutes. Popular offerings have included Fundamentals of Acting, Hand Building and Wheel-throwing Ceramics, Art Inspires Art, Calligraphy, Board Game Theory and Design, Junk Orchestra, Hip Hop Dance, and musical productions. 


Visual Arts



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