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Physical Education

Physical education is a part of every Evergreen student's week, from preschool through 8th grade.
While skills vary widely—kindergartners are learning to jump rope and beginning to understand the concepts of offense and defense, while 8th graders are running at sustained speeds for a mile and catching and throwing with accuracy and distance—everyone is taking part in activities that are an integral part of Evergreen's curriculum.
Beginning early, our physical education program sets the groundwork for students to understand that being physically active is a lifelong basic for a healthy lifestyle—but that's just the beginning. PE offers a concrete way to demonstrate the importance of cooperation and teamwork, concepts emphasized continually in their academic classes as well. And throughout Evergreen, from students' first days on campus until graduation, they absorb the idea that maintaining a growth mindset and being resilient will help them to succeed. In PE, they see this in practice in yet another way.
And, as any teacher knows, there's nothing like running around for a while to use up some energy before returning refreshed and ready for the next classroom activity!

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    Traci Birkett 

    Teacher, Primary Division PE
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    Abigail Kovac 

    Teacher, Upper Division PE
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