How We Do It

Engineering & Design

Welcome to the BIG Lab: The Creative Center of Campus

Located in the heart of our school, the BIG Lab is the creative center of our campus. This 3,000-square-foot educational makerspace is the largest of its kind in the region. The lab provides a space where students in preschool through 8th grade can imagine the possibilities as they design, tinker and innovate.

The Tools to Fuel the Imagination

The BIG lab is equipped with everything students need to bring their ideas to life. We have a fully functional woodshop complete with a drill press, miter saw, and hand tools, as well as a laser cutter and vacuum former. There are computers, 3D printers, a green screen, a sound booth and digital recording equipment. The lab contains plenty of smaller materials— motors, LEDs, and other circuitry and robotics components and a large assortment of crafting materials—that students use to complete their projects. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, many of our crafting materials are recycled objects.

A Selection of Past BIG Lab Projects

Preschool Experimented with Van de Graaff generator
Prekindergarten Made cars with working wheels and axles
Kindergarten Invented and tested wind measuring devices
1st Grade Designed inclusive playgrounds for special needs children
2nd Grade Made robotic dioramas 
3rd Grade Created working models of Oregon Trail wagons
4th Grade Made LED-lighted maps
5th Grade Built models of imagined ancient civilizations
6th Grade Designed casino games to study probability
7th Grade Made turbines to produce electricity
8th Grade Invented and prototyped wearable technologies

Bringing Ideas to Life

Profound learning for the continuously curious

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