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The foundation of our Athletics Program philosophy is to help students cultivate a spirit of cooperation, self-respect and respect for teammates, along with the fundamental skills of each sport—and to have fun!

  • Every year, nearly 70% of our students play at least one sport. Many play more than one. 
  • We have a no-cut policy for our sports teams, encouraging participation and skills development. 
  • Our coaches are experienced working with children as well as in their sport, and many return to Evergreen year after year. A majority of our coaches have competitive experience in their sport.
  • Cost for the 2019-2020 school year: $180 per sport.

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  • Cross Country

    Cross country is one of our most popular sports! Participants are organized in two large teams: kindergarten through 3rd grade, and 4th through 8th grade, with about 115 students total. Practices are held twice a week beginning the first week of school. There are three Sunday meets over the course of the season.
    (kindergarten through 8th grade) 

  • Soccer

    Every year, we field 10 different teams: two K-1 coed, two 2nd grade coed, 3rd grade girls and boys, 4th-5th grade girls and boys, and middle school girls and boys.
    (kindergarten through 8th grade)

  • Volleyball

    Each year, we have a Division 1 (8th and some 7th grade) and Division 2 (5th-7th grade) girls volleyball team. Practices are three days a week after school.
    (5th through 8th grade girls)

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  • Basketball

    Basketball draws eight teams:

    • 3rd-4th grade girls
    • 3rd-4th grade boys
    • 5th grade girls
    • 5th grade boys
    • 6th-8th girls
    • 6th-8th boys

    Due to game scheduling needs, most of the teams play from early November through January, while the middle school girls' season runs from the beginning of February through March.
    (3rd through 8th grade)

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  • Ultimate

    Ultimate at Evergreen has grown very popular in recent years. We have six teams: 3rd grade coed, 4th grade coed, 5th grade coed, 6th grade coed, 7th and 8th grade coed, and the "Evolution" middle school team, which is by try-out only. Ultimate teams compete in the DiscNW league.
    (3rd through 8th grade)

  • Tennis

    We have one tennis team with all our players, 21 total most recently. The team practices twice a week at nearby Klahaya Swim and Tennis Club in Edmonds; bus transportation is provided.
    (4th through 8th grade)

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    Stefano Rampazzo 

    Athletic Director
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