To get an indication of a child’s potential for success at Evergreen, we ask all K-8 applicants to take the Wechsler Intelligence Scale tests. (Please note: Preschool and prekindergarten applicants do not need to take an IQ test.)

In addition, students applying for 5th through 8th grades must take either the ISEE or the SSAT. (Please see detailed information below). 

About IQ Testing
IQ tests do not measure achievement. Instead, they measure a child’s general cognitive abilities, knowledge, verbal and visual/spatial abilities.

We typically find that children who score at or above the 95th percentile in either the full scale or GAI on the appropriate IQ test thrive at Evergreen. However, we may consider scores that fall close to the 95th percentile for students who demonstrate other gifted characteristics. (See: What type of child does best at Evergreen?) If your child scores close to the 95th percentile, please contact our admission office. We are happy to discuss whether your child might thrive at Evergreen.

Submission Deadlines: IQ testing for all applicants (grades K-8) must be completed by January 15, 2019. Applicants for grades 5-8 may submit ISEE or SSAT results by January 31, 2019.

IQ Testing for K-8th Grade Applicants

All children who are applying for kindergarten through 8th grade must submit standard IQ test results from a licensed psychologist. We require the WPPSI-IV for children six and younger, and the WISC-IV or WISC-V for children six and older. We accept IQ tests taken within two years of the application deadline.
Please note: Because IQ tests address cognitive abilities rather than achievement, children should not be prepped for the test. 

IQ tests are not administered by the school, but we have provided a list of psychologists who administer these tests. (Look for the green link).

Additional Testing for 5th-8th Grade Applicants: ISEE or SSAT

For students applying to 5th through 8th grade, we require either the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination) or the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test).

Register for the ISEE or the SSAT online (linked above); be sure to add Evergreen as a school that will receive the results of the test. Our school codes are 3085 for the SSAT, and 481692 for the ISEE. Once your student takes the test, this step is completed. Evergreen will receive the results electronically.

Which Test Should Your 5th-8th Grade Student Take?
Evergreen accepts both the ISEE and SSAT for admission, so which one to take may depend on the requirements of other schools that your child is applying to.

Both tests measure a combination of aptitude (a student’s thinking skills) and achievement (facts a student knows/has learned in school). The tests differ in how students are scored for guessing and omission of answers, so it is best to use the study guides for preparation. These guides outline test-taking strategies that are helpful in learning the style and flow of the test you choose. 

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By email: Admission

Office of Admission

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    Director of Admission
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  • Click Here for a List of Licensed Psychologists

    Evergreen only accepts test results and reports from licensed psychologists. Below is a list of clinicians who are familiar with our school and students:
    Seattle Area
    Dr. Leah Altemeier - 206.295.7974
    Dr. Caitlin Ames - 206.659.9431
    Dr. Karen M. Barnes - 206.659.9718
    Dr. Kawena Begay - 425.998.6435
    Dr. Amy Bohlander - 206.289.0634
    Dr. Belle Chenault - 206.465.8068
    Dr. Carol B. Cole - 206.324.4500
    Dr. Ronnie Cunningham - 206.335.8783
    Dr. Crystal DeLoach - 206.448.6944
    Dr. Megan Frye - 206.552.0024
    Dr. Jessica Greenson, Ph.D. - 206.658.5512
    Dr. Dana Harmon - 206.283.5250
    Dr. Honora Hanley - 206.714.2946
    Dr. Melyssa Higgins - 206.361.6884
    Dr. Yumi Hiraga - 206.729.2829
    Dr. Angela Hungelmann - 206.729.2829
    Dr. Christine Mielenz, NCSP - 206.801.0535 
    Dr. Rosalind Oti - 206.987.8080 
    Dr. Karen Pavlidis - 206.729.2829
    Dr. Fredric Provenzano - 206.361.2343
    Dr. Molly Reid - 425.481.5700 ext. 3
    Dr. Bryan Robison - 206.550.9736
    Dr. Amy Summers - 206.522.4104
    Dr. Debra Vilhauer - 206.270.8805
    Family Psychological Service of Kirkland (WISC-V only) - 425.576.1817
    Dr. Steven Katz - 206.459.7357
    Dr. Kristi Kwon - 425.635.0665
    Dr. Patricia Oppenheim - 425.562.1515
    Dr. Gail Rosenberg - 425.821.8235
    Dr. Frances Douglass - 425.478.9624
    Dr. Nora Thompson - 425.640.6134
    Dr. Kathi Jackson - 425.374.7225

IQ Testing Recommendations

Schedule your testing appointment as early as possible (ideally late summer or fall), as clinicians' schedules fill up quickly during the school admission season.

Since the IQ test is a cognitive test (not an achievement test), children should not be prepped. Prepping will not raise scores, and trying to prep children may send a signal that the test is a high-stakes situation, causing undue anxiety that may affect their performance.

If the cost of an IQ test is a financial hardship for your family, please contact our director of admission at 206.364.0801. We have developed partnerships with several area psychologists to offer discounted IQ testing based on household income and family size.