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The Evergreen School is committed to accessibility and environmental stewardship. As a leader in environmental sustainability and with families from over 40 ZIP codes attending Evergreen, we strive to be a good neighbor by minimizing traffic on Meridian Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhood. For all families, we encourage carpooling and continue to try to make this an easy option. We also offer custom bus service for students in the Upper Division, fourth through eighth grade. Bicycling and walking are other environmentally friendly alternatives for some of our families.
2014-2015 Evergreen Families by ZIP Code
For all families we encourage carpooling, especially for those families with students in grades Preschool – Grade 3 who can’t yet use the Custom Bus Service. Carpooling allows children to make friends with other Evergreen students and helps parents cut down on trips to school. It also helps relieve the traffic congestion in the school drive through, and helps our environment. We encourage families to create their own carpools by connecting them with Evergreen families in their neighborhood. Parent/Guardian volunteer neighborhood carpool captains are ready to help families locate and coordinate carpools with each other. 
Custom Bus Service
Our bus service consists of privately chartered King County Metro buses serving middle and upper school students in partnership with The Evergreen School, University Prep and Lakeside School. At Evergreen we offer this option to upper division students in grades 4 and above. The bus is an efficient and safe way for our students to get to Evergreen. The routes are designed to run on major arterials, with few stops, thereby serving the highest number of families in the shortest amount of time. Currently there are seven routes which serve Seattle and the Eastside.

Families who elect to use the bus are charged fees for the year. Financial aid is available for the bus to families who apply for financial aid and demonstrate a need. Students are issued an ORCA pass which works on all King County Metro buses and the Link Rail system. This means that students could use this transportation system to reach destinations as far south as Tukwila.

Please look at the 
bus schedules on this page to see if our system serves your neighborhood. If you have any questions about transportation options to Evergreen, please contact the Office of Admission.
Bicycling and Walking
Seattle Schools Walk.Bike.Schools program has helpful tips for getting to school in Seattle. Or read our recommendations for bicycling to/from Evergreen. Most important when choosing this option is ensuring that students travel safely.

Throughout the admission season, call or email the Office of Admission with any questions at 206-364-0801 or admission@evergreenschool.org.
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